Blownlands song of old

Gordon the Lightfooted - 04/03/97 19:21:16 EST
 The legend lives on
 From the Alg Bridge on down
 To the big Fort they call Maxma Castle
 M'bele the Mad
 Said " These Tallow ain't so bad"
 "And I'm goin' for to carve 'em a new asshole"
 The Tallow Battle Lords 
 Let loose the fly'n swords
 And men fell as grass 'fore the thresher
 The holy man named Rale
 Entered into the tale 
 and said " Lads, here's a hit point refresher". 
 The giant storm raged on
 And the spells were all gone
 When the big Tallow Dam burst asunder
 Mighty Puck 'tis said
 Left seventeen Tallow dead
 In the wind and the blood and the thunder

Peycarin and his toad Pataki, hit the road An amphibian and a magician They cast mighty spells 'Gainst the dwellers in the Hells And with exc'lent peripheral vision