They are here, NOW.

Riddler's Poem of the Blownlands

Twenty months and six, the shore city rebuilt

Many remain, on islands of silt.

The quests part done, no Tallow the same.

In peace we live in wind and rain.

The past is spoken, six bridges broken.

Six not flying, six lay dieing
Six rise live, six untried
Six may find, the ram and line
Six will come, with globe and drum

One makes seven, and four, eleven.

The broken, they tie, the token, they die.

The bond made new, six chosen as few.

At planet Shar beyond the wall,

they walked the road and Five Roads fall.

The Wind bolts fly, but none yet die

From the forrest few, chosen buy you.

And the moutain dwellers in hills of ice

melts the walls and hide made nice.

For if the find, the face in time,

with speed they'll make the bonding line.

How many will try, how many will die,

before the tower, in the very first hour.

The god may shine, in old lands mine

But all will shake, when Dynt awake.

They will fight and die, war and sing,
In the land where the Templins of west wind ring.

The new Blownlands epic is ready NOW.

Gather your characters, review the maps and summary, make yourself ready.

Game 1 will be an all out, all assets commited, WAR with armies, artifacts, leaders and deathdust, played with counters and odds.

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