Sungamer Tim F.'s Summary


Jonesy ran the game, and, as hard as it will be for you to believe, nobody, in our group, killed or destroyed a single thing last night!! You can jack-up your lower jaw, now! It was an entirely cerebral game!! We were given too many choices of things to do, so we basically discussed *what* to do, for about 40-minutes, real time. Then, Tim told us that we hadn't heard anything from the Dwarves on Grip Isle, whom we'd sent there to destroy the Templins there.

We went over there, got into the nearest Templin, and heard the sounds of fighting at the bottom of the deep well, inside. Peycarin decided that our dwarves were still continuing to fight, and would be insulted if we came to their aid. Then, a dwarven head popped-up out of the well, and told us that we needed to get down to the bottom, because they'd found something that needed our attention. We all went down the well, about 300-feet down (no, we never discussed the actual logistics of *that*), then proceeded to walk about 2-miles, apparently to some point beneath the Tallow Sea. All along the way there was littered the dead bodies of strange, grayish dwarves...the handiwork of our allied dwarves. Upon closer examination, the 'grayish' dwarves were actually covered in hardened clay, sort-of a natural armor.

Our dwarven guide brought us to a huge, spherical machine, that took up about half the circumference of the tunnel that we'd been walking(I *could* go into a lengthy discussion of our character's discussion, but, I'd leave something out.)!! Anyway, through Snake casting an Identify on the machine, and Peycarin consulting with Schow, the 'Rift Mistress', we discovered that the spheroid was an Artifact from Thon Resset; that the Tallow used to absorb the Magicks from that planet, and which actually allowed/gave the Tallow the ability to open those rifts between Thon Resset/Throne Worlds, and thus to launch their massive invasions on Arcas.

We also discovered some of this from dangerous experimentations that we tried, before we realized that they *were* dangerous...also, before the Identify and consultations were conducted. There was a clockwork upon the spheroid machine. Most of the time, there was a disorganized cloud of sparks floating around the top of the machine. When the Handler shifted the clockwork a little bit, those random sparks formed into a whirling vortex, much like that of a tornado. Upon that discovery, Peycarin decided to go Astral, to see what, if anything, could be seen of this machine's strange actions, both from the Astral Plane, and, from 700' up, outside the tunnel. Well, as Peycarin went Astral, Handler moved the clockwork into the 'Vortex Position'. Suddenly, from Peycarin's perspective, there was a black, soundless 'explosion'. Then, Peycarin was no longer in the Astral Plane...but, instead, he'd been transferred into the 'Sub-Astral Plane' (See Jones' notes, circa '90[?], basically, think of it as 'Warp-Speed Astral'), where his Astral Medallion could no longer work.

Sensing her betrothed's* distress, Schow went into the Sub-Astral to 'rescue' Peycarin, and shoved him back into the Astral plane. At that point, Peycarin was about 1000' above the Tallow Sea, in the Prime Material Plane, and went material. He couldn't notice any evidence of the Spheroid Machine from the Prime Material, despite the strange Astral/Sub-Astral changes he'd just gone through...except for some dark mass coming up, from the sea. {Aside: Beneath the sea, at this moment, Snake's Familiar, 'Strike', decided to cast Magic Missles, from his Master's arsenal, at the Spherical Machine. Much to Snake's horror, because he thought that his uncontrollable Familiar was trying to destroy the Thon Resset 'Magic Collector'!! Surprisingly, the Magic Missles went right through the exterior of the Magic Collector, doing no damage, and disappeared! **This is also known as [AKA] DM Intervention** } As Peycarin continued looking down, the dark mass grew...much to his horror, and almost too late, Peycarin realized that the dark mass was actually about 2,000 Magic Missles, coming straight at him, from below!! Without wasting any more precious time, Peycarin immediately *bipped* back to his friends, to their location beneath the sea.

After more discussion, we decided that the Tallow Magic Collector should be buried beneath the dwarves' mountain, where the Tallow could no longer find nor use it, and to slow down it's clockwork so that it would only give out it's magical bonuses twice a week or month (we never got *that* specific...), rather than about twice a day!


Once we decided upon moving the Magic Collector, we needed Schow's aid, once again, and she could no longer hide her feigned allegiance to the Tallow. So, she and Peycarin were set to be married (and I cannot even think how ugly the children of a Tallow and Half-Elven union might turn out to be...)!!

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