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The ADC is the government agency responsible for assisting farmers and ranchers with coyote predidation problems. The ADC is heavily critizied by wildlife groups for there coyote control techniques, put praised by ranchers who use their services to try and control coyote populations on their land.

ADC Wants Authorization to Use the Controversial Poison "Compound 1080" Report By Lisa Albert
A write up by the ADC, USDA, and AIHPS on managing coyotes/TD> Managing Urban/Suburban Coyote Problems
A good article on predation and the ADC! Predators run wild
This group is looking to retire the ADC. It's a big web site so give your self some time to read it all The Predator Defense Institute and the ARRS homepage ARRS
An article from Gunweb about working for the ADC USDA ADC
ADC annual totals for all animals ADC

Always lots of controversy about the Federal ADC's killing of coyotes and other animals.

ADC is normally contacted through local Agricultural Commissioners.

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