CoyoteTim's Favorite Sites

Here are the ones that I like the most.


A special Note!!!

The Christian Science Monitor linked a news story on 9/22/97 to this site.


Great information from:

Coyote Link Nebraska Wild Life
Great Site with Info and Pictures..California Desert USA
Canada Hinterland
Predator Project Coyoteand their homepage with Pictures
Wildlife Photographer Dave Wyman's Pictures Wildlife Gallery
Info and Pictures Onalaska Science Web
Government Site Fire Effects Information FEIS
Outdoor Illinois...general info Kid Pages
Pictures and Info from Kananaskis Country - Wildlife and a great story on the Coyote Pups Homepage <
Pictures and Information from Project Wildlife and a baby coyote they rehabbed
Coyotes in Cornfields University of Illinois
Project for Students Project Coyotehowl
Comprehensive info plus all the Legal ways to kill the coyote. CES Mississippi State University
Jeremy's Wolf and Coyote Site
Some brief info with a link back to a professional hunters site. Coyote

I would like to hear any stories of encounters with coyotes...especially within city limits so please email me your storys...I will post them. If you know of any sites I have missed let me know. My list is ever growning and I welcome additions.

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