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Coyote Sources on the Web. Links to Information, Sounds, and Pictures

I became facinated with the coyote in the early winter of 1996 when a speedy shadow raced across the field behind my southwestern Ohio home and snatched a leaping rabbit. I spent some time doing some personal research on the World Wide Web, libraries and bookstores out of concern for the danger this predator might be to my dogs and children.

What I discovered was a truly remarkable animal worthy of my appreciation.

Please check the links below and here it all from the experts! I've included a few of my quick sketches also.

Coyote Links....adding more as I find them!

A special Note!!!

The Christian Science Monitor linked a news story on 9/22/97 to this site.


Great information from:

Coyote Link Nebraska Wild Life
Florida Lists Food as WatermellonsFlorida AIRS
Great Site with Info and Pictures..California Desert USA
Picture and a little info from... Estes Park
New York...Bronx and Nightclubs Black Rock Forrest Newsletter
Canada Hinterland
Predator Project Coyoteand their homepage with Pictures
Wildlife Photographer Dave Wyman's Pictures Wildlife Gallery
Info and Pictures Onalaska Science Web
New York State Coyote esf
Nice Picture Geocities
Government Site Fire Effects Information FEIS
How does the coyote impact domestic dog owners? Check out the Dog Owners Guide
Infomation from the Phoenix Zoo
Coyote and Sheep... John A. Shivik's page ...and John's hompage has a nice Picture
A page with picture from Nova Scotian Animal Facts
A great Picture
Outdoor Illinois...general info Kid Pages
Wonderful picture from The Provincial Museum of Alberta
Picture and Information from California Department of Fish and Game
Dictionary Definition and a great Picture
Information and Picture of Coyote Fishing for mouse in the snow
Gray Wolves shot by mistake...
Pictures and Info from Western Maryland
Pictures and Info from Kananaskis Country - Wildlife and a great story on the Coyote Pups Homepage
Footprint, Pictures and Info- Animals of British Columbia
Pictures and Information from Texas Wildlife Fact Sheet
Pictures and Information from Project Wildlife and a baby coyote they rehabbed
Coyotes in Cornfields University of Illinois
Project for Students Project Coyotehowl
Comprehensive info plus all the Legal ways to kill the coyote. CES Mississippi State University
Jeremy's Wolf and Coyote Site
Brad Moon's Picture of Coyote Tracks
A site in French, but a nice picture Le Coyote
Some brief info with a link back to a professional hunters site. Coyote
Some brief info with Picture. Site H -- Denver Federal Center Service Center
Nice Picture Coyote Blue
Pictures and Information CLEVER CANINES - COYOTE ...Wildlife Waystaion
State Regulations on Wolves and Wolf Hybrids WERF

Coyote Hunting Links....I don't hunt Coyote, but some of these links have good pictures and other information references, but nature lovers may have to take them with a grain of salt.

The ethics debate on hunting and trapping, BOTH sides presented Hunting, Fishing and Fur
Ohio Trapping Rules and links back to general hunting regulations DNR
Picture and Info from a varmit callers group Coyote Info and Picture
Al Harral is a professional varmit hunter. Check out the coyote calling information for some neat sounds. Coyote Varmit Calling
Coyote Predidation Photos TEXNAT
Professional coyote extermination and elimination. Info on guns, ammunition, balistics, and skinning. Coyote Enterprises

Fiction Links....Native American, legends and childrens storys.

This Site is loaded with... Stories/Poems
Story from El Salvador Coyote and the Rabbit
Fiction Magical Coyote and the marvelous maguey
Native American Legend The Paiute Story of Creation

Animal Damage Control(ADC)....Always lots of controversy about the federal ADC's killing of coyote.

ADC Wants Authorization to Use the Controversial Poison "Compound 1080" Report By Lisa Albert
A good article on predation and the ADC! Predators run wild
This group is looking to retire the ADC. It's a big web site so give your self some time to read it all The Predator Defense Institute and the ARRS homepage ARRS
An article from Gunweb about working for the ADC USDA ADC
ADC annual totals for all animals ADC

I would like to hear any stories of encounters with coyotes...especially within city limits so please email me your storys...I will post them. If you know of any sites I have missed let me know. My list is ever growning and I welcome additions.

Tim's Thoughts...

Growing up hunting with my father in Kansas I remember the coyote on the "varmint" bag limit and the farmers paid bounty at $10 a head if you shot one from your car on their property.

I had assumed in the back of my mind that the coyote had been going the way of the wolf...dying out..endangered...maybe even protected by the government. None of these is true. As the wolf dies out, the coyote has taken over, as we hunt, trap, shoot, and poison tens of thousands per year the coyote's population and range increase also.

Here are some things I've learned:

Though man has tried often to exterminate him, the coyote now ranges throughout the lower 48 states, Maine, Florida, the southern half of Alaska and down into Central America and across half of Canada. Guess what there is even a pack or two on Manhattan Island in New York!

I think many see the coyote as one of natures hybrids, taking on many of the best features of the wolf, cat, fox and seem to have long term survival coded into their DNA. They eat mostly mice and other small rodents (80%) but will take nearly anything including carrion, watermelons, apples, insects, deer, fish, and birds.

The Coyote is such a survivor that I believe he may outlast man on this planet.

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