Sunday Gamers Blown Lands

The Blown Lands started as a one-night game to be played on New Years Eve 12/31/86. It was the second blow-out new years eve party and cookout. Everyone was so drunk that only Tim, Tim and Mike were sober enough to play...and there wasn't much of a game. Tim Jones Typed up a one page detail, using Wordstar 3.2 on a IBM original 8088 didn't even have a hard drive... a single map of the islands and the game was ready. When Tim started playing with the Sunday group it was the first thing he ran and what started as a temporary, make it up campain turned into a standard for the group.

Joula Kingdom Game Summary ....first ALG BRIDGE games 09/10/95

Game 1: Group arrives at Downhaven.

Game 2: Blownlanders go to Alg Bridge astral. Meets controller and attacks Bogar on the bridge.

Game 3: KLAN RYAK - Leader Basho Ryack AC- 1 HP-50. Wants to pull out of the ALG BRIDGE with a large group of his troops. He wants to hire the Blownlanders to distract or destroy the Bogar. Group kills him,and the second assult of the Bogar. The great army of the tallow goes by on their way to the wastes.

Game 4: More Tempo-RAMFIST - they take the Alglock

Game 5: Group at Aglouck near Alg Bridge. Small party heads down to dungeon. Incounters icelegs, Here's bogar, and fights 50 skeletons.

Game 6: Underground ag Aglock: Moved thru several rooms, attacked bogar, removed a majorly trapped door, shatterbolted many statues and obtained two more ice-lances. Also found an additional room full of skeletons and closets they protected. Obtained much booty. Returned to the surface to split the pot. Thruout the game the pounding of the RAMFIST(supposedly) and Bogar screemint continued.

Game 7: Group finds trolls, an old order of Ragathul undead and the spinning round door gateways in various hexagonal rooms. Find a troll and a group of Bogar with the RAMFIST, and capture it. Return to the surface.

Game 8: The group recon report comes showing several bands of Bogar. Clansmen embessaries from the far northwest come to confirm this. The give a ring of power to inlist the help of the group. The Bogar, lead by astral travelling Ragathul attack with a large group. The team survives the attack with great loss of blood. Both M'bele and Ursala are killed-temporarily.

Game 9: The group is broken by the start of the game. Snake was given the fourth ring of power and put it on releaseing the Wabor Web Dragons. The group is scattered/buried and lost. The group together slowly, heading east along the trail of webs. They kill Bashofa, the first dragon.

Game 10: Fall of the Web Dragons. The group finds the dragon lair at Maxma Castle. They fight and destroy them with the help of the Clan Tak and Belfoot the Halfling. Two eggs are left in the astral plane. And two small web dragons are unaccounted for.

Game 11: The group advances on the castle. They do damage and kill many Ragathul who will call a great undead force. They are stopped. Many Skeletons are destroyed by the Clan Tak henchemen.

Game 12: Underground at Maxma. Find many water traps on the second level. Many block of Rock traps on the first. Wood Dwarves.

Game 13: Battle with the wood Dwarf Beast. After destroyed discovered several advancing groups. Clan Tak and Clan Rulak are both advancing towards the bridge.

Game 14. Both Tak and Ryak occupy areas of the Alg bridge. The Tallow (300 of them) advance towards the bridge. They are ambushed and routed. Handler follows the magic user/cleric leaders further south and west where a much larger force of Tallow march.

Game 15: Group sets up better defences at Alg bridge. A group of Tallow, many illusions attack the bridge.

Game 16: Group takes over Roadeye from the Andorin Order

Game 17: The Zahrax Dwarves:

Game 18: Battle at the Alg Bridge with the Tallow Illusionists. The Tallow are scattered after a great battle on the bridge.

Game 19: The Dwarves come. The Ryak take the clan's eggs from keep elg.

New Blown Lands Map