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The Summary has been changed to last in/first out so the latest game is at the top of this page.

05/21/99 Ice Castle on the other side

A dungeon crawl continues. The group passes from passageway to passageway, confused and tricked by false walls and mirrors. The see the mouth of Mozziel, but cannot seem to locate it in the funhouse tricks. One-foots attack them twice with their foot and ice lances. Breman backstabs a wall of glass, many run into walls and trip over each other. They fight 4 acrobats, Rale beats two of them to death with the berserk hammer, but a third takes a flying, spinning cut with his long blade and beheads Rale. Rale is no more. Bremen spots a female acrobat, but she vaults away before she can be engaged.

04/9/99 Battle of Tauntor's Ships

The New Blown Lands are evacuated to the old as Schow the Rift Mistress warns of doom from the Iron moon crashing to the ground. The moon crashes to the ground but Schow turns the moon into fragments of small burning rocks and protecs the old Blown Lands Islands with a wave of water. Ships from Tauntor's planet approach. 4 Dead army ships and 8 regular Tallow flying ships are blown away using N-Z SOS scrolls. The rest are dispatched one by one using mostly the favorite tactic of tipping them from the helm or setting them a blaze.

03/19/99 Finback Black Fogg

A few of the group take 9 palidins of Pucks and go to the old blown lands to save it from the hunger of a large finback. The group uses cattle with diminution potions attached to them to attract and shrink the finback down to 60%. The finback is attacked from all sides with great butterflies, backstabs, magic and brute force. After much damage, three swallowed palidins, one dead cloned Peccarin the Finback is killed. A final move by Peccarin to remove the dragons astral medallion keeps it from escaping.

02/12/99 Horshoe Rock

The group reaches attacks a small fleet of black dead ships and others. They attack an astral gateway tower and destroy it. They use an old tallow ship to attack. Bremen and Peccarin attack invisibly, flying.

03/19/99 Finback Black Fogg

A few of the group take 9 palidins of Pucks and go to the old blown lands to save it from the hunger of a large finback. The group uses cattle with diminution potions attached to them to attract and shrink the finback down to 60%. The finback is attacked from all sides with great butterflies, backstabs, magic and brute force. After much damage, three swallowed palidins, one dead cloned Peccarin the Finback is killed. A final move by Peccarin to remove the dragons astral medallion keeps it from escaping.

02/12/99 Horshoe Rock

The group reaches attacks a small fleet of black dead ships and others. They attack an astral gateway tower and destroy it. They use an old tallow ship to attack. Bremen and Peccarin attack invisibly, flying.

01/15/99 Ship of Dead

The group reaches pointed rock and a ship of undead and evil clerics attacs them with spells, skulls, the magical maces than increase armor class. M'belle is killed by a cause death style spell from the largest cleric. The ship is cleared of monsters and set to burn as three more ships head their way. They investigate the pointed rock and find a few spheres, staffs of "one monster" holding and encounter a servent who is trapped in one of the spheres. They leave after taking some items, just before the arrival of the new dead ships...they return home for healing.

01/8/99 Pointed Rock

A part of the group goes to pointed rock in a stolen Tallow flying ship, to sneak in and discover what the astral disturbance is about. They are caught in a astral trap. Bremen escapes using a couple of subastral medallions, but is gripped with fear after seeing another flying ship, though he cannot remember what scared him. The rest group takes the astral ship and goes in search. 3 Demonds attach them with fire and they distroy them after a great battle. They ram the astral ball trap holding their friends, frighten many more demonds away but loose the ships crew, burned by walls of fire from the demonds.

07/11/97 RahNan

The group is approached by a messager of Halago. He debates and tries to reach an agreement which is rejected from the group who supprise attack him, kill him several times, then face off with ships of undead at TALLAN, the tallow blown world. 4 green emeralds are recieved as gifts, and the medallion of Rah Nan is left for Mbelle to handel.

06/20/97 The Knights of Zaphar

The lords of Alg bridge having returned to their home find two ships approaching. They discover the knights of nal-zaphar palidins. After the trial of the balorns, the wraiths of Halago attack, and are dispelled or dispatched.

05/22/97 Panshida Bridge

A object flashes across the sky landing near Panshida bridge. The group takes the barg and finds orcs attacking the bridge. The orcs are dispatched and the dwarven leader is exposed as a black illusioned terror leading the dwarves along a path of doom. He is killed. Finally making it to the fallen object much astral and rifting occurs and they find tallow observers and regulars in some worm hole rift of the tallow rift masters.

05/16/97 More Underground

The quest underground continues. A great magic book is found but a gardian on the book cover attacks the book, nearly kills the magic user, knocks the thief away and crushes Puck who dies as a fighter this day. Overcome by grief M'belle makes a deal with Nal Zaphar, Puck will arise as a holy warrior the day the great templin at two points is completed. Rather than wait the two years it will take to build M'belle plays a dangerous game with the time lord Kazbarrin, who brings the completed templin to two points from two years in the past. The templin is now doomed to dissapear two years hence, having never been created by that time in a twisted parralax. The templin appears and Puck is remade...but somehow changed.

05/09/97 Time to Save Ourselves

A trek underground below the castle Cavack finds ogres, Time lords and water. The Time lord transports the group and they must go save themselves at the day of the iron moon, there they fight ugly beasts with two flat feet and nasty poison tenticles

05/02/1997 Shar Day Two

Work on a moat around Cavack castle starts. The black dragon is seen towing a ship to his island. Much magic is found at Cavack castle. Underground the Orges are found and three dragon slaying swords, a staff of swords and several other magic items. Medallions are also found that protect.

Castle Cavack

04/24/1997 Shar

The masters of the Blown Lands order a great wall of rock at Two-Points be cast into a likeness of Nal Zaphar. The group visits the house of Eylock at the planet of Shar, takes over a new castle and meets Number Five. Meets the Wind Riders and Bronse Dragons. Discovers a black dragon in a far off island.

04/11/1997 Orc War

The orcs pour out of the crack in the world. Almost all the blownlands forces race south east to meet them. The masses of orcs are pinched between and surrrounded from two sides, and are unable to use their forces effectively. Much calvalry loss on the blown lands side. But only a few orcs remain to tell the tail.

04/04/1997 Battle of Five Roads

The group masses on the planet fragment Lorclaw. The battle demonds on the castle road, flying demonds match warriors on flying lizard back. The battle is a major victory and the talisman mask of Ichepsat is covered. About 150 men are lost to the Blownworld.

02/22/1997 The Lost World

The group gets back 24 flying lizards. They go searching for the extra planet at the request of Glazer. The find it in covered with the dark plane and try and free the city of five roads. Many demonds are encountered, many are destroyed, but the city is covered with them.

02/07/1997 Battle in the Clouds

The Group meets general Stark and forms a loose aliance with the Panshida bridge. Orcs gather at the eastern sandhill of the Blown Lands. Above a Tallow Flying Ship orbits. The group attacks in on flying lizards. It is lightning bolted by the Fighter/magic user. Then boarded by most of the group. A lucky fireball destroys the ship. The Cleric blows away a cloud in the sky to discover two red dragons of great size which attack. Mbelle is swallowed, but punches his way out with the power gloves, exploding the first dragons brain. Rale is fried by the second dragon, but saved by Wesors quick and inventive use of God summoning power for resurection, fooling the god by using his enchanted temples chipped tiles. The second dragon is killed with blows from all, but with much damage done all around. As they return home a second Tallow ship floats over head, high in the apex of the worlds

01/31/1997 Downhaven

The group visits the leader of Downhaven, a loose aliance is formed. The fighters do light battle at the areana, make lots of money. Tren Deamonds attack the city. Puck and the rest dispatch them. Rocks aparently uneffected by gravity float through the air of the planet.

01/25/1997 The Great Fragmentation

While recovering in deep sleep from the battle at the underground city ARCAS is attacked at a global level. Halago the Rift Master smashes the point of the Iron Moon, into Andron the sister world, the impact Smashes Arcas into pieces. Schow trys to stop him, but is only able to bend the fragments into spheres, saving the lives of many, including the Tallow. Now at least 5 major moons orbit Andron, the fragments of Arcas, which is no more. The only joy for Nal Zaphar is that the impact and the twisting of the contenents has left the blownlands home islands a few leagues away from the new Blownlands on the tiny moon....but little else remains of the great contentent. The Alg Bridge is now a port city.... But the Tallow remain, and their flying ships attach by a dozen before the first day. Assisted by the guards of Downhaven, they repel them.

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01/17/1997 Tallow Underground City/P>

The rings of weapon removal are put on by Wesor and M'bele. The are inviso'ed and fly in a circle around the city removing weapons from the hands of the tallow. The group moves into the potion room and smashes the magic users and most potions in it. The next room is full of scribes, who kill Puck with a huge volley of magic missles. Death over takes him, the cleric's both desperately try to heal, and although breathing, the verdict is still out on Puck. The room's magic users were distroyed, but much damage was done to the team. Another room of tranny skeletons was dispatched. Inside helms and great vessel container was found.

The Handler has retired to NPC status and will serve as userper at Alg Bridge

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01/11/1997 Peaks Of Peril/P>

With the planets now close together the group debates the next action to take with elves and dwarves. The dwarves send embassary to Andron, the group forgoes a trip to Halago's pillar at the Iron Planet and instead goes to the center of the Tallow Sea. An awsome suprise fight in the hall of gliphs. They evade a red dragon and make their way underground, discovering a tallow city stronghold.

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12/29/1996 Rift Master's Relm

To the far side of the planetoid they went to investigate the pillar of rocks. Githyanki ships approached and swords and spells prevailed. The cleric moved in to try and investigate inside, but overwelmed the group fled astral key wise.

12/29/1996 Rift Master's Relm

Again in the astral plane the group moves on the Rift Master and a team of Tallow regulars in the planetoid that is pushing the ANDRON sister world closer to ARCAS (the home planet). The fight the tallow regulars and are "gated" several times away from the rift master, only to return to destroy him, mostly with magic.

12/22/1996 Astral Take

Into the astral plane with the new astral warship the group goes. Going to the city of Githassi the steal two elementals from the city, taking from it it's method of propulsion.

12/15/1996 Intercept at the Swamp Bridge

The group goes to the swamp bridge to assist the dwarves in its taking. Many of the team cloned themselves using a special potions, so magic was double impact as were the clerics. They intercept the tallow before the bridge and 700 or so tallow are ambushed by 200 blown lands regulars. The worst threat, the wraiths were quickly dispelled by doubled clerics. After that the tallow were routed with some difficulty. The bridge was secured by the dwarves soon after.

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12/08/1996 Blow the DAM!

The group was happy with the return of Ursala. The met in councel with a general from Astan Provice and a dwarf prince from Gardan. An understanding of the threat and tactics to defeat the Tallow were discussed. The Blownlanders decided to blow the dam holding back the waters of the Shota river and creating the Tallow Sea and it's hurracain. Quickly the magic users Ursala, Pecarryn and Snake attacked the lava rock mountains with a great spell of hasted and enlarged earth elementals which tossed rock up into the air and back into the sea until water flowed forth to the river again. They were all attacked by undead shadows with great sickles, many were put to sleep. Puck defended a fallen flying lizard, striking down 17 Tallow regulars alone, until he fell to to great of a force. Puck was rescued in a timely fashion by Snake, who brute forced all of the troup into a rope trick....double sized.

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11/29/96 Special Friday Game

From the area of the battle the group moves to the templin where dwarves attacked. Many dwarves were dead. Underground the dwarves had chased and killed many clay dwarves. They found the crystal of Thon Raset, draining magic from the far away throne world, the Tallow were using it to open large rifts and transport armies to Arcas. The Rift Mistress moved the crystal into hiding at Two-Points near the Alg Bridge. Dwarves will guard it. The remaining templins were destroyed as underground tunnels to each were found to each. At the end Pecarryn was married to Schow, the Rift Mistress.

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11/17/96 Battle of the Templin

Warriors flooded onto Grip Island and overwelmed the templins. A black wraith controled the central most tower, and was dispatched with turning and light. The sky cracked open, and a hundred sky ships of the Tallow appeared, but it suddenly closed on them, only a dozen crossed into the skys of Arcas. They approached the Templin, many were blasted from the sky. Some arrived at the templin, dropping from ropes into battle with the Blown Land's guard regulars who fought bravely, though hundreds were killed or wounded. At the end, no Tallow ship remained, and for now, Grip Island is secure.

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11/10/96....Grip Island

The Group runs up to Grip Island to destroy more templins of the North Wind. The barge drops them off and they make a march up to the southern most templin of Grip Island. They attack a guard post putting them to sleep, then sneak up for the usual shrink/enlarge technique on the templen mechanics. Fear comes overthem as an undead agent attacks with skeleton wolves and many of the group run in fear. They defeat the wolves then Puck advances on the undead, who has iced all the area around the templin. Puck is smited by the undead, and frozen solid after much damage. A flying sword shot Mbelle skewers the undead, and he vanishes. They try to thaw out Puck, but he dies in the process. He is brought back up to points by Wesor (played by Jay), but then in an eager rage graps the scythe weapon of the undead for his own, and dies again from it's power. Another templin is destroyed by Snake's summoned golem and he fights an illusion of a snake, until detected. Another band of skeleton wolves attack and they are mostly turned. The group returns to shore to be picked up by the barge.

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11/3/96....Crack in the Sky

Rushing across the cliffs of the island our team smashed two more templins, with Snakes spells and bala/shatter bolts. The sky cracked open and seawater from the world of Thon-Raset poured onto our planet like waterfalls and rain. Flying ships crossed the rift barrier into Arcas and at last the way the Tallow came to the planet is known. Pecarrin befriends the Rift Mistress "Schow" in the "sphere of presence".

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We got off to a better start. The group goes to the Shines, islands west of the Tallow Occupation. Snake makes the first hit, enlarging gears on a Wind Templin, and blasting it to pieces. They are all attacked by a group of Tallow with flying swords, there is much damage and Wezor is killed. The Handler boards a Tallow Wind Ship. He sets it ablaze, rams a second ship with it, both explode. He boards a third in the air this time, and butterflies to death a balista gunner, then blows up the third with oil and leaking gas from the ship's hull.


Tim Started the Blown Lands...War of the Wind Gods... or Angry Wind God, but was called short. Someone update me on the Bitt game... thanks for filling in.

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