January 1999, The Blownwords Return

The Blownland's world is broken apart,
the Blownworld's circles the Tallow start,
the rift gate closed by the faithful of 'Zaphar,
removed their path home, the rift masters are.

The masters fight by ship, air and sea,
each other's armys clash, the three,
cracks the iron moon cold in the sky,
cracks the earth as the Blownworlds go by

The one-eye rift master his face in flame,
cast out the Finbacks, all fear the name,
the giant dragons flock in the skys,
between the Blownworlds oceans and highs.

The Finback by tens on Blownworld Shar,
the people of five-roads, ate in an hour,
make circles round Gods Boats, their wings like the wind,
the lesser beasts spitting webs for the Fin'.

On Blownworld Tallan the dead army rise,
to serve the rift master with red hair and eyes,
His captain conjure and master the undead,
Bye thousands they arise, on Bogar they fed.

The last to cast on the Blownworld Armak,
the Riftmasters four, their powers a-lock,
a bridge in the darkness, steps in the cold,
they cast a stronghold to Blownworld Joul.

Left alone, the Faithful of Nal Zaphar,
for a year they make tidy near and far,
they make their Blownworld free of orc and beast,
and now prepare for battle drums beat,

For Blownworlds, rifts, and Finbacks clash no more,
among themselves they hold no war,
they seek Blownworld Zaphar's flock by night
by flying ship and wing, they will come to fight

No peace for the people of the wind Nal Zaphar,
Take arms and spells until Tallow no more,
and the Finback return to their far away home,
where beasts of Andron, will feed them alone.

Let the faithful of the wind come again,
Let them show the fire, burn away the north wind,
They will fight and die, war and sing,
In the land where the Templins of west wind ring.

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