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Coyote Nature Links....adding more as I find them!

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The Christian Science Monitor linked a news story on 9/22/97 to this site.
Great information from: Coyote Link Nebraska Wild Life
Britannica Online search coyote
Here is a site in spanish, just search on latrans and find a great picture of two coyotes Rancho Lobos
Quick Mention, no details University of CA. NRS
Paper on Coyotes and Lime Desease(getting it, not giving it) National Library of Medicine:
Ohio Department of Natural Resources site Wildlife Notes on the Coyote
Great site from texnat!!! Coping with Coytes
How to live with coytoes, great site Coexisting With Coytes
Missouri State Conservation Missouri's Coyotes
Just a quick mention of coyotes on the Nevada Senic Drive NV Wildlife Federations
University of Florida's Coyote site. South Florida's Coyote
Good and simple facts from the Metro, a CA weekly paper Wild and Wiley
Florida Lists Food as Watermellons Florida AIRS
My friend here has a nice site and links. COYOTE Blue
Rehab information on the Coyote, heart rate, body temperature etc. Wildlife Rehabilitation Database
Information on New York Coyotes, eating cats and other good ones! Rouge Group
Anyone want to buy a skull?...(Commerical Site) Skulls Unlimited
Look closely at this report and you will see a wolf named Nez Perce killed by a coyote ADC M44 trap Gomontana (yellowstone)
Preventing Problems, Living with wildlife UCSC Animal Control Officer Page
brief general info virtual-markets
Info on New York Dangerous Wildlife licences. NYSDEC
Lewis and Clark Expidetion...nothing major just a note on spotting coyote uky
Neet trap and picture you can order Coyote
Info on the species from Illinois State University
A great write up on the state of the Coyote by: Christina Waters
Wild Texas Viewing Guide. CANIS LATRANS
Tuberculosis in Coyote from eating deer? Ag. Research Service
A picture of Wild Bill, a resident at wolf park. Wild Bill And their home pageWolf Park
New site with a nice coyote Picture
ADC page Alberta
Sacramento area information from The Virtual Forrest
The Coyote's adaptation ability reviewed in Winstar Wildlife Profile
Great Site with Info and Pictures..California Desert USA
Picture and a little info from... Estes Park
New York...Bronx and Nightclubs Black Rock Forrest Newsletter
Canada Hinterland
Predator Project Coyoteand their homepage withPictures
Wildlife Photographer Dave Wyman's Pictures Wildlife Gallery
Info and Pictures Onalaska Science Web
New York State Coyote esf
Nice Picture Geocities
Government Site Fire Effects Information FEIS
How does the coyote impact domestic dog owners? Check out the Dog Owners Guide
Infomation from the Phoenix Zoo
Coyote and Sheep... John A. Shivik's page ...and John's hompage has a nice Picture
A page with picture from Nova Scotian Animal Facts
A great Picture
Outdoor Illinois...general info Kid Pages
Wonderful picture from The Provincial Museum of Alberta
Picture and Information from California Department of Fish and Game
Dictionary Definition and a great Picture
Information and Picture of Coyote Fishing for mouse in the snow
Gray Wolves shot by mistake...
Pictures and Info from Western Maryland
Pictures and Info from Kananaskis Country - Wildlife and a great story on the Coyote Pups Homepage
Footprint, Pictures and Info- Animals of British Columbia
Pictures and Information from Texas Wildlife Fact Sheet
Pictures and Information from (THIS GROUP KIND OF VANISHED..ANYONE KNOW WHERE THEY WENT?) Project Wildlife and a baby coyote they rehabbed
Coyotes in Cornfields University of Illinois
Project for Students Project Coyotehowl
Comprehensive info plus all the Legal ways to kill the coyote. CES Mississippi State University
Brad Moon's Picture of Coyote Tracks
A site in French, but a nice picture Le Coyote
Some brief info with a link back to a professional hunters site. Coyote
Some brief info with Picture. Site H -- Denver Federal Center Service Center
Nice Picture Coyote Blue
Pictures and Information CLEVER CANINES - COYOTE ...Wildlife Waystaion
State Regulations on Wolves and Wolf Hybrids WERF

Use the links to find out more or complete research.

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