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1. Do Coyote's harm children? Is my neighborhood safe?

Many of the links I have say no, and they are not really a threat to human population...BUT!....Use caution and become informed. Educate your children on how to identify and stay away from them. Be extra careful in the early morning and evening if you have seen or heard them. Use the pictures on the web sites to help. Many neighborhoods have been visited by this preditor. Check with your local animal control or shelter for information on coyote populations in your area.

2. Are Coyote's endangered like the Wolves?

No! They are not endangered, populations are higher than ever, ranges are broader than ever.

3. What do Coyote's eat?

Everything. Eighty percent of their diets are rodents, mice, moles and the like. But they are omnivores and eat watermellons, sheep, road kills, insects, apples, domestic cats, dog food from back porches, and fish. They take advantage of what is available.

4. Can they be hunted in my state.

Many states allow coyote hunting, many have just outlawed it. Often they are considered varmit with open season and no bag limit, but check your local hunting rules, you may have to carry deer permits or follow other special rules.

5. If I see one on my farm property, should I shoot it? Can I control their population by shooting or trapping?

You may control them for a while but remember that most scientists feel that 75% of the coyote population can be killed off EACH YEAR with NO IMPACT on the population...so they will be back. Also coyote packs tend to overcompensate for losses, you may have twice the trouble next year that you do this year.

Coyotes range from Alaska to Central America and are in every U.S. sate but Hawaii.

When wolves were returned to Yellowstone park, they chased out and killed the coyotes. Coyotes are much smaller than wolves.

Coyotes usually hunt alone, but may pack hunt for larger prey

80% of the coyote diet is mice or other rodents. They are a great at rodent control.

Native Americans believe that the coyote was the first animal on Earth, and that it will be the last one as well.

Coyotes have few predators other than man, moutain lions and wolves are about all that might kill one.

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