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Are coyotes a threat to humans. The general answer when you hear a report on TV or from a wildlife expert is usually no. Mostly man and coyote can live in the same area and not be a threat to each other. This doesn't mean you shouldn't take a few precautions for you pets and children. Use caution and become informed. Educate your children on how to identify and stay away from coyotes just as you would for dogs they don't know. Use the pictures on the web sites to help. Many neighborhoods have been visited by this preditor. Check with your local animal control or shelter for information on coyote populations in your area.

When I get email about pets that became dinner for coyotes it usually happens early in the morning, when they let the pet out for the first time. Coyotes are most often nocturnal, but move to and from their dens and hunting grounds in the early evening and early morning. Take extra steps to watch out for your small dog, puppy, or cat during these times.

Remove any food that might attract coyotes to your home. Keep fruit, dog food, waste, pets and dead animals away from where coyotes can get to it.

Coyotes are not endangered. Their ranges and population are larger than they have ever been.

With subdivisions with new homes going up on the outskirts of towns coyote sitings are now more common

Some coyotes live in large cities, like Chicago, New York and the banks of the river near Downtown Cincinnati. They learn not to howl, hunt rats and cross at streetlights.

Killing a coyote may actually increase the coyote pack population next year. Coyote packs overcompensate for losses.

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