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People have put alot of time and effort into providing detailed information on the Coyote. The Links to these sites are divided up, most have pictures, some are exotic but they are all worth your time.

Don't have time to surf for Coyote all day, at least check out Tim's Favorite Sites

At Nature Links you will find all the technical and general information on the coyote. Most of the sites have pictures, and some have additional links.

Hunting Links contains information for and about the hunting, trapping the Coyote.

There is lots of Native American Fiction for the story lovers that want to know the mystical side.

The Animal Damage Control(ADC) Links will help you find information on the government agency that tries to control coyote populations for ranchers when sheep populations are threatened.

The ZEN Links has some American Indian Lore worth checking if your another one of us who consider the coyote your totem.

Use the links to find out more or complete research.

Coyotes usually mate for life. Only one couple in a coyote pack , the alpha male and alpha female, breed and have pups.

80% of the coyote diet is mice or other rodents. They are a great at rodent control.

Coyote ranges and populations are larger than they have ever been.

Coyotes have few predators other than man, moutain lions and wolves are about all that might kill one.

Wildlife experts feel that 75% of the coyote population could be killed each year, without causing damage to the overall population.

Ranchers and Farmers sometimes use llamas to protect their sheep from coyotes. The llamas mix together with the sheep and are territorial enough to keep the coyotes away. Sometimes donkeys are used in the same way.

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